Working With A Hair Stylist

To find a new hair stylist, it is advisable to look for another woman with a cut that you like, and find out who her stylist is. Another option is to interview hair stylist at recommended salons and see what they suggest for you. For African-American women this is particularly important, since working with black hair takes special skills that are not common to every stylist. A word of caution: If hair stylist is sitting around with nothing to do, waiting for customers to come through the door, you should keep walking. Your hair and your image deserve the best cut and color so find a good hair stylist who is in demand.

If a hair stylist criticizes your current hair color or style or makes you feel uncomfortable in any way or displays arrogance, it is a good indication that they do not have a code of ethics that you will value. Your hair stylist or colorist should be gentle with you, and understand that your hair is a deep connection to your sense of self.

Some hair stylist will suggest that you bring pictures of styles you like along with you to the consultation. The hair stylist can tell you if those styles will work for your face, body, and hair types. The pictures can give your hair stylist a good indication of the feeling you are looking for. You should also see your new hair stylist or colorist with dry hair first, so they can see and feel what your hair is like before getting it wet. Id a salon wants to whisk you off to the sink before a face to face, you may want to consider whether they have your best interests not to mention styles at heart.

When choosing a hair stylist or colorist you should visit the salon prior to your appointment to see if you relate to the person and the environment. If you do not have a referral, talk to the receptionist about which hair stylist would be right for your kind of hair, and ask who they recommend in your price range. If you are comfortable, make an appointment.

Occasionally, the beauty magazines like Allure, Elle, Self, and others will do a story on the top hair stylists and colorists in each market across the country. They do use references for proof of results; so if you can get an appointment with a professional they have positively reviewed, go for it! The problem will most likely be getting to them early to get an appointment. When someone is included in a story like that their phone usually rings like crazy, so do not delay and save the article in case they are booked up for a few months. You might get to see them down the road when all the hoopla dies down.

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